2019Join TRONmanagement
2016Become independent and start her own
2014Study under Masayoshi Okudaira After working as a hair stylist at salon in Tokyo
1985Born in Gifu

VOGUE GIRL、ELLE girl、SPUR、NYLON JAPAN、PERK、i_D JAPAN、GISELe、ViVi、LARME、SWITCH、OCEANS、HYPEBEAST JAPAN、GIRL HOUYHNHNM、The Fashion Post、HB-humming birds、Women’s Health、FIRECIVE、OVERTURE、re-quest QJ、VOGUE ME、METAL Magazine、DAZED KOREA、MAPS Magazine、MING’S HK、i_D FRANCE、i_D CHINA、indie Magazine、Schon Magazine、SLEEK Magazine、KINGKONG Magazine、DEW Magazine、CLIENT Magazine、Contribrour Magazine、REVS Magazine、XING、他

VOGUE GIRL, ELLE girl, SPUR, NYLON JAPAN, PERK, i_D JAPAN, GISELe, ViVi, LARME, SWITCH, OCEANS, HYPEBEAST JAPAN, GIRL HOUYHNHNM, The Fashion Post, HB-humming birds, Women’s Health, FIRECIVE, OVERTURE, re-quest QJ, VOGUE ME, METAL Magazine, DAZED KOREA, MAPS Magazine, MING’S HK, i_D FRANCE, i_D CHINA, indie Magazine, Schon Magazine, SLEEK Magazine, KINGKONG Magazine, DEW Magazine, CLIENT Magazine, Contribrour Magazine, REVS Magazine, XING etc


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AS KNOW AS, CLANE, gallardagalante, EVRIS, hummel, JINS, Johan Ku Gold Label, JOURNAL STANDARD, Lee, LEGENDA, UMTC studios, PEACH JOHN, Ray BEAMS, RODEO CROWNS, PERMUTE, kotohayokozawa, SLY, SOMETHING, tactor, TASAKI, ttt_msw, Vannie TOKYO, WHO’sWHO Gallary, MURASAKI SPORTS etc

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