2010Join TRON management
2009Become freelance
2007Leave Studio23
Assisted for Akinori Ito
2004Enter Studio23
2002Graduate of Vantan Design Institute
Born in 1980

GISELe、sweet、otonaMUSE、InRed、SPRiNG、mini、NYLON JAPAN、Zipper、falo、LARME、FRaU、25ans、VoCE、Domani、non-no、mina、SHE'LTTER、nina's、GINGER、MORE、VERY、Ray、FINEBOYS、ELLE ONLINE、sesame、ランドネ、Ocappa、ラファーファ、ゼクシィ、MISSウエディング、PJ、TVガイドPERSON、月刊EXILE、BICYCLE NAVI、Regina、他

GISELe, sweet, otonaMUSE, InRed, SPRiNG, mini, NYLON JAPAN, Zipper, falo, LARME, FRaU, 25ans, VoCE, Domani, non-no, mina, SHE'LTTER, nina's, GINGER, MORE, VERY, Ray, FINEBOYS, ELLE ONLINE, sesame, Randonnee, Ocappa, la farfa,zexy, MISSWedding, PJ, TV GUIDE PERSON, EXILEmagazine, BICYCLE NAVI, Regina and more


SEIYU、プロアクティブ、adidas、ABC-MART、atre、le coq、軽自動車協会、他

SEIYU, proactiv, adidas, ABC-MART, atre, le coq and more


puma、Panasonic、RNA、Chandelier、AG by aquagirl、aquagirl ON THE STREET、tiny dinasour、insonnia、secta、MISCH MASCH、RD、CHIME、HIROKO BIS、他

puma, Panasonic, RNA, Chandelier, AG by aquagirl, aquagirl ON THE STREET, tiny dinasour, insonnia, secta, MISCH MASCH, RD, CHIME, HIROKO BIS and more


モーニング娘。、FrenchKiss、吉川友、SHU-I、MILLEA、Doll Elements、Bitter&SWEET、沢井美空、ふわふわ、cheeky parade、カントリーガールズ、Hilcrhyme、他

MorningMusume。, FrenchKiss, YouKikkawa, SHU-I, MILLEA, Doll Elements, Bitter&SWEET, Miku Sawai, fuwafuwa, cheeky parade, country girls, Hilcrhyme and more

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